About Us


Wicked Innocence is an online women’s clothing store with many different styles and options for shoppers. The brand is constantly growing and expanding to reach more women. Wicked Innocence sells lingerie, clothing, swimwear, shoes, costumes, hosiery and more. The brand aims to provide a variety of styles so that every shopper can find items that will make her feel sexy. Wicked Innocence is committed to a lifetime of value to customers.


Wicked Innocence is socially responsible and gives back to its community. Every quarter, Wicked Innocence donates a percentage of net earnings to charity. Giving back to the world and those in need is important to the team at Wicked Innocence.


John Griffin founded Wicked Innocence in 2010 and he serves as President, Editor in Chief and Chief Evangelist of the business. John created Wicked Innocence with a business partner when he discovered an interest in women’s fashion. John continued on with the business, even after his partner dropped out, and has never looked back. People are often surprised to find that he has been running an online women’s fashion store for over 4 years, but he enjoys every aspect of running the business. In addition to being a fashionable business owner, John is a single father of three: two sons and a daughter.


Wicked Innocence can be found on Facebook and Twitter. According to John, “Wicked innocence represents all sizes of clothing and lingerie in all our lines and brands wherever possible. The world is a very diverse place and we will not discriminate in age, sex, race, or body size or shape and we monitor any and all comments that may be posted to our social media pages.”